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Are you tired of working the same 10 or 15 practical fire ground hydraulic problems? Are you tired of not being able to communicate with patients?


Practical Fire Solutions brings to you the following products: “The Fundamentals of Developing Fire Streams” Workbook for Fire Ground Hydraulics, “The Fundamentals of Developing Fire Streams” Instructor Manual, “The Fundamentals of Developing Fire Streams" PowerPoint and “Pre-Hospital Emergency Translation” written by Robert Culbertson. The workbook has 11 Gallons Per Minute (GPM), 15 Total Pressure Loss (TPL) and 52 Pump Discharge Pressure (PDP) illustrated problems. This is a total of 78 new, never before seen practical fire ground hydraulics problems. The “Pre-Hospital Emergency Translation” offers the emergency responder one of many field diagnostic tools that will assist them in the care of injured, sick, or troubled people. The translations in this book are to assist the caregiver in presenting a few pertinent assessment and treatment questions needed in the field. This was created by firefighters for firefighters like you! 



PFS Mission

PFS is a company made up of firefighters. Our goal is to assist firefighters around the world to train more diligent for the enhancement of their career, their organization, and the community they protect. We offer our products & services to fire personnel at an affordable price, with the best quality in mind. Our company offers innovative and applicable products that are oriented with the fire service. These products will aid in our customers by assisting them in mastering their skills during everyday operations as well as for future promotions. As working firefighters, we see ourselves as partners with you (the customer), the community, and the environment in which we are sworn to protect on a daily basis. Our products will aid the customer by helping them to further their knowledge in their firefighting and EMS career's. We strive to exceed the expectations of personnel who want more information and practice training that most of the out-dated material does not offer.



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Practical Fire Solutions

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